Monday, 16 September 2013

Melbourne Trip 14: Queen Victoria Market

What I found superior about Melbourne's Queen Victoria Markets over Sydney's Paddy's Markets is the diverse selection of indoor stalls of meat and seafood. Bustling with crowds with stall keepers yelling out specials, it had a fantastic market vibe going on.

Queen Victoria Markets Indoor Stalls 1
Queen Victoria Markets Indoor Stalls 2
Queen Victoria Markets Outdoor Area
There is also a large outdoor area where food stalls are set up with some limited seating areas, and lanes of clothing and trinket stalls.

Ribs, Salad, Sangria
For lunch, I decided on a plate of ribs with salad and some sangria to wash it down. Rather satisfying food fare.

Queen Victoria Markets Outdoor Area 2
I passed a Feng Shui type shop and decided to go in and take a look around.

After watching a number of period dramas set in Ancient China, I became fascinated with the sycee (a type of silver or gold ingot currency used in China until the 20th century. In Chinese, the commonly used term is 元宝 yuánbǎo). I thought it would be fun to play with one. There are a lot around but most of the time, the workmanship into these tend to be poor. At this shop, I thought it looked pretty decent.

 Sycee 元宝 (yuánbǎo)
I also have a fascination with little wooden boxes.

Wooden Box
These cute and fun little trinkets weren't expensive. There's always something for everyone at these kind of market stalls and shops.

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