Sunday, 20 October 2013

Campos Coffee & Tre Viet, Newtown

Campos Coffee
193 Missenden Rd. Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 3361

Campos Coffee Newtown
Hearing so much about Campos Coffee, I thought it was time I made a visit. The place is tiny, a handful of bar tables and stools and very busy.

I went for the affogato ($5) and it was fantastic. I could taste the distinct flavours of the coffee and the vanilla ice cream. The two went together perfectly. It felt like the most delicious naughtiest coffee. I could definitely get addicted to this.

Campos Coffee certainly lived up to its name. My companions all agreed it was the best coffee they had tried thus far in Sydney.

Tre Viet
152-154 King St Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 5500

After the fantastic affogato, it was time for lunch! Tre Viet was the first restaurant we spotted walking toward King St from Missenden St.

Rice Paper Spring Rolls w/ satay sauce
Rice paper spring rolls are one of those rare foods that are fun to eat whilst also making you feel super healthy at the same time. I really like the fresh taste.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls
After the super healthy fresh rice paper spring rolls came the deep fried spring rolls in all their deep fried goodness. What more can I say? As healthy as those rice paper rolls were, it just can't bring that satisfaction that one gets from deep fried awesomeness.

Pho Tai
The most traditional and popular Vietnamese dish: pho tai: thin slices of rare beef in a simple light soup with rice noodles, onions, coriander, bean sprouts and a wedge of lemon.

After my affogato and the deep fried spring rolls, I decided to go for something lighter for my main. Pho is one of those dishes that is delicious in addition to making you feel pretty healthy at the same time.

Pork Chop Rice
One of my dining companions went for the pork chop rice (the rest of us all had the pho).

The main problem was that even though it wasn't overly busy, it took a really long time for the food to come out. Given that pho is just about one of the easiest things to prepare and at most places, it comes out pretty much as soon as you order it, this place definitely loses some speed and efficiency marks.

In addition, I was looking for bun thit nuong on the menu except there was none. There also wasn't broken rice or tomato rice I think. It seemed odd to be missing a few of the popular Vietnamese staples but who am I to question the head chef's choice of menu items when I'm not even Vietnamese.

Overall though, simple and good Vietnamese food at a fair price. Would be happy to come back here when I'm in Newtown again and want a Vietnamese feed.

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