Friday, 18 October 2013

Yummy Eight, Haymarket

Yummy Eight
345B Sussex St Sydney

I've walked past Yummy Eight so many times and thought it was about time I went inside and gave it a go.

The chairs make a horrible sound when pulled out along the floor. Think fingernail along chalkboard kind of noise. After attempting to take care whenever I changed my seating position to limit the noise and failing, I gave up :p

Yummy Eight
Pork Rib Soup Noodles & Mince Bun
Pork Rib Soup Noodles: although the noodles weren't bad, I didn't think there was anything special to it. I noted a distinct lack of pork rob.

Mince Bun: The bun was very nice, soft, fluffy and white. I rather enjoyed this dish and the filling worked well with it. For the small serving size, I thought the price point was slightly high.

Although everything on the menu here at first glance looks fairly cheap, the serving sizes aren't big and encourages you to order a few things and that brings the price up fast.

Overall, the food here wasn't bad, the price was fair, but nothing particularly stood out to me.

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