Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Japan Trip 2: Akihabara, Ueno, Ikebukuro

Japan Trip Day 2

Our stay at Keio Plaza included breakfast. You are given breakfast coupons which can be used at your choice of three different restaurants - Western, Japanese and a mixture of the two. Given that we were in Japan, it seemed natural to head over to the Japanese restaurant for breakfast.

Kagari, Keio Plaza Shinjuku

Traditional Japanese Breakfast at Kagari, Keio Plaza
Clockwise from top left: tofu, japanese pickles, spinach, roots, grilled mackerel, grilled salmon, walnuts with fish, spicy roe, fish paste, omelette, half boiled egg in soy

Kagari Breakfast 2
Clockwise from top left: vegetable parcel wrapped in tofu skin, boiled spinach, omelette, grilled salmon, walnuts, congee, half boiled egg

The breakfast was really good. One always feels very healthy after eating a Japanese breakfast with all the fish and vegetables - as opposed to a bacon and eggs fry up. It was a really nice change for breakfast - something I really don't ever get in Australia.

Shrine in the middle of the Tokyo metropolis
Samurai Sword Umbrellas!
Ueno Park
Ameya Yokocho
"Ameyoko (アメ横) is a busy market street along the Yamanote Line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Stations"

It was fun browsing through the market stalls here. We hit the tea stores, stocking up on matcha (green tea powder), green tea cookies and green tea egg rolls. A nice morning tea consisting of green tea, green tea cookies and green tea ice cream.

Japanese Salaryman enjoying his nama beeru
Tuna Sashimi
We weren't feeling very full after breakfast and morning tea so we decided to have a light lunch of sashimi.

Sashimi: Sea Urchin and Salmon
Lunch Receipt
Dinner: a simple fare of udon and tempura.

Udon, tempura, pork rib sauce
Zaru Udon and Vegetable Tempura
I prefer zaru udon (cold udon with a sweet soy dipping sauce). I went for the vegetable tempura - even though it is deep fried, at least it's vegetables...

Dinner Receipt: Udon
As our hotel was directly opposite the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, I managed to convince my travelling companion to take a trek up to the Observatory. It is located on level 45, is 202 metres high and is open to the public free of charge. A great panoramic view of Tokyo.

View from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Observatory
Mojito at Keio Plaza Sky Bar Floor 45
Keio Plaza Sky Bar: sipping drinks whilst enjoying the view from level 45

Drinks Bill
It was definitely midnight snack time after the drinks. What better way to satisfy one's peckishness than to hit one of Japan's most wonderful convenience stores in the middle of the night.

Lawson's Convenience Store Bento Section
In the end, I grabbed some hot steamed pork buns and some yakitori (grilled chicken skewers). Warm and satisfying.

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