Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Japan Trip 3.1: Kai Tsugaru

Japan Trip Day 3

For breakfast, we decided to try out one of the other options at Keio Plaza. Today, Glass Court  "super buffet."

Fried eggs, green beans, broccoli, grilled salmon, spag bol
Although there appeared to be a huge selection of food, not much of it appealed to me as evidenced by the sad looking plate above.

I think the highlight of the buffet is the omelette. Just to the left, you get a little rammikin and fill it up with ingredients you'd like in your omelette - I put a lot of spinach and a bit of ham and cheese in mine and give it to the awesome omelette chef.

Awesome Omelette Chef
Awesome Omelette Chef 2
My lovely omelette
I really enjoyed my omelette - definitely the highlight of my breakfast.

Now, we were off on our way to Kai Tsugaru in Aomori. Kai Tsugaru is a traditional Japanese ryokan with a private hot springs bath and kaiseki meals in rural Japan. The fantastic Japanese public transport network of trains took us there with little trouble and we arrived at Owani Onsen station where the hotel would pick us up.

Kai Tsugaru

Kai Tsugaru Entrance
Kai Tsugaru Room
The traditional Japanese tatami rooms at Kai Tsugaru are presented beautifully. Very aesthetically pleasing, comfortable yet minimalistic. I really liked it here.

View From Our Room
Kai Tsugaru Bathroom
The toiletries and amenities provided were in abundance.

Welcome Sweets
Opening up the Welcome Sweets Package
Although the sweets didn't taste very good, the little package was absolutely adorable.

Entrance Walkway
The entrance and lobby area were interconnected by a very nicely designed walkways surrounded by plush greenery and water.

View From Third Floor Looking Over the Entrance Walkway
View From Third Floor Overlooking Dining Area
Fantastic service from the staff here although pretty much no english is spoken here so be warned.

The lobby is open for most of the day and has self service coffee machines and wifi available.

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