Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Japan Trip 3.2: Kai Tsugaru Kaiseki Dinner

Japan Trip Day 3 Part 2

Kai Tsugaru Kaisek Dinner: Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner and generally consists of a sequence of dishes, each often small and artistically arranged. I think of it similar to a degustation or tasting menu at a fancy Western restaurant.

Kai Tsugaru Kaiseki English Menu
Kai Tsugaru Kaiseki Japanese Menu
The Japanese menu looks a lot prettier don't you think? Fortunately there was an english menu to guide me.

Umeshu (Japanese Plum Wine): My new favourite alcoholic drink.

Appetiser: Kaikyo local fresh tuna Habutae style; Apple pottage
Assorted Delicacies
Assorted Delicacies:
- Shiratama dumplings flavoured with karasumi salt-cured mullet roe
- Matsukaze-style grilled chicken pate with raisins
- Deep fried chestnut tofu wrapped in yuba tofu skin
- Yuan-style grilled marinated salmon
- Seasonal fruit with tofu dressing
- Hanabira daikon radish layered with mushrooms
- Amaebi shrimp marinated in aged sake in sudachi lime bow
- Apricot wrapped in Shiso beefsteak-plant

Soup: Clay Pot Cooked infront of you
Soup: Clay pot steamed matsutake pine mushroom with prawn, amadai sea bass, sudachi lime

Claypot Soup Course
Sashimi: Ooma Tuna Sashimi Plate
Condiments to go with your tuna sashimi
Condiments that accompanied the tuna sashimi was soy sauce, salted oil, seaweed sheets

Sashimi Course 2: scallop, alaskan king crab leg, kingfish
Condiments to go with your sashimi
Cooking the Rice on the Table
Japanese rice is renowned as the best in the world. Here we have good quality Japanese rice being cooked on the table right infront of you. Very cool. We were told it takes about 20 minutes.

Tempura: scallop dumpling & mushroom tempura w/ matcha green tea salt + lemon
I got a bit too excited when the tempura dish came and ate most of it before realising I forgot to take a picture... so here we have one piece of sad lonely tempura left. (Yep it was totally delicious)

Steamed Yuba Tofu Skin Wrapped in Oboro Shredded Kombu Kelp
Main Dish: Wagyu Beef Tenderloin
Glorious meat. The most gorgeous wagyu beef tenderloin slices of perfection.

Cooking the Wagyu Beef and Vegetables on the Hot Plate
Main Dish: Baked Abalone Wrapped in Seaweed Drizzled w/ Abalone Sauce
Rice, Pickles, Miso Soup
This rice was soo good, and I'm not even usually a big fan of rice.

Cheese Souffle Drizzled w/ Raspberry Sauce & Mint
Hoji Tea Creme Brulee
My favourite dessert: creme brulee. I was extremely glad to see it on the menu. The local tea here is hoji tea. They serve it to you with all your meals and infused some of the tea flavours into this creme brulee.

The kaiseki dinner was truly fantastic and it was wonderful getting to experience Japan's food delicacies in a rural area with a beautiful view and a very much relaxed setting.

The Beds Laid Out
During dinner, the lovely staff prepared your room for the night.

Apple Orchard
After dinner, we decided to take a stroll outside. Aomori is famous for their apples. The area was just filled with beautiful apple orchards with perfect apple specimens.

Music Performance
We made it back just in time for the music performance: the Jyamisen guitar concert is performed daily in the lobby for guests after dinner.

After a relaxing soak in the private hot springs bath, it was time to rest for the day.

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