Monday, 23 June 2014

Japan Trip 6: Oirase Stream Bush Walk & Back to Tokyo

Japan Trip Day 6

Oirase Stream 1
Oirase Stream is a picturesque mountain stream in Aomori Prefecture and is one of Japan's most famous and popular autumn colours destinations. The stream flows along the floor of the Oirase Gorge, winding among trees which, while a lush green in spring and summer, turns brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange from late October through early November. Over a dozen waterfalls cascade down into the stream all along its length from the walls of the gorge.

Oirase Stream 2
The morning bush walk following the Oirase Stream was stunningly beautiful. At every twist and turn, you can hear the sounds of the water flowing down the river and crashing against the rocks. Perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Oirase Stream 3
The walk truly utilised each and every one of your senses. It was refreshing and exceptionally scenic.

Oirase Stream 4
After the walk, it was back to the hotel for breakfast. Certainly welcome after burning all those calories on the walk.

Oirase Kieryu Breakfast
View From The Hotel
Good Bye From Oirase Keiryu Hotel
These lovely ladies from the hotel displaying a banner thanking you for your patronage as you board the hotel bus taking you back to the train station.

Price: About 17,500 yen per person per night. (At time of writing, about $182 AUD)

Back to Shin Aomori Station. Do you remember the most excellent sushi I had last time? I thought to try the cheaper version this time (last time I had the super deluxe sushi set, this time is simply the standard set)

Standard Sushi Set: 900 yen
Been addicted to umeshu since I arrived in Japan. Very delicious drink.

Lunch Set: Sashimi, Grilled Fish, Tempura, Rice, Soup
Train Station Food Receipts
Chocolate Brownies
The Japanese make fantastic desserts and we picked up some from the store at Shin Aomori Train Station. These brownies were so soft, chewy and perfect yet not overly sweet.

Keio Room
Now it was back to Tokyo and Keio Plaza Hotel.

Night View From Hotel Room
We decided on yakiniku for dinner tonight.

Charcoal BBQ
The 4500 yen set for 2-3 people seemed like a good starting choice. We also ordered some steak and beer. When asked what size beer we wanted, small or large, we said large or "dai."

The Japanese don't kid around when they say large. This beer was HUGE.

The Iphone Size Comparison
Not only was it really tall, the glass was super fat as well.

Yakiniku Set
The Meat Grilling
Meat and Veg on the Grill
Yakiniku Bill
Pachinko: A popular Japanese form of entertainment which is a cross between a video game arcade and electronic gaming machines. You insert money into the machine and steel balls will drop. You try to get the balls into certain slots in the machine to earn more balls to exchange for prizes.

Tokyo Red Light District
A walk through the Tokyo Red Light District: one of the cleanest, safest and friendliest red light districts in the world.

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