Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Japan Trip 8: Harajuku, Shibuya, Meiji Shrine, Yakiniku

Japan Trip Day 8

Breakfast At Keio Plaza

Japan's Favourite Snack Food: Onigiri (Rice Balls)

The Latest Fad: Queuing Up For Pancakes
Condomania, Right Next To Your Strip Mall
Making Hard Lollies

Meiji Shrine Entrance
Meiji Shrine
Tradition: Washing Your Hands Before Entry
Beware: Horrible Path To Walk On
Note: Make sure you are wearing extremely comfortable hiking boots on your trip to the Meiji Shrine. I was wearing running shoes which are usually superbly comfortable yet the thin material did not stand up to the brutal gravel path. It pushes your shoes and feet to sheer exhaustion. I saw many women wearing high heels in pain with some even taking their shoes off.

Japanese Nationalist Extremists?
Matsuya: The Best Fast Food Gyudon
The Menu
Matsuya Receipts
Matsuya is one of the fast food gyudon (beef bowl) restaurants in Japan. Oh how I wish we had these in Australia. Restaurants like Matsuya and Yoshinoya are more popular than Mcdonalds here and with good reason. They are cheap and delicious.

Mini Gyudon: 230 Yen
Matsuya Counter
Matsuya Kitchen
Beautiful Sashimi In Food Hall
Entry To Yakiniku Restaurant
Asahi Zero: Zero Alcohol Beer
I've never seen zero alcohol beer in Australia. I'm not sure it would really take off.

Real Beer
Ox Tongue

Pork Knuckle
Look At Those Beautiful Slices Of Wagyu Special Rib
Meat & Veg Cooking On The Grill

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