Wednesday, 10 December 2014

About Life Cafe Bondi Junction

Marketed as organic, healthy, nutritious, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and natural

There is a cafe as well as a large supermarket available at the Bondi Junction Store

About Life Flat White
About Life claims its coffee and milk are both organic.

My Verdict: taste is very mediocre.

Give me Triple Pick Coffee any day of the week for the best coffee in Bondi Junction

Salmon & Kale Salad
The salmon wasn't bad but I found the serving size rather small.

Now as for the kale salad, I felt like I dove into a patch of grass and started munching on the ground. I have a big appetite and most servings of food put before me I can easily polish off. I tried so very hard to eat this kale salad and found it insanely difficult. It was so... grassy and fresh and I couldn't help but feel I was eating a garden bed.

The general conclusion I've come to is super healthy food more often than not will simply not taste as good as something super naughty, like fried chicken!

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