Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Lord of the Fries & Blackbird Cafe Darling Harbour

I saw Lord of the Fries in Melbourne and they have now come to Sydney on George St. Unfortunately there is no seating at all so I took my food to Darling Harbour.

Lord of the Fries is vegetarian friendly fast food.

I ordered the typical fast food meal: cola, fries and a burger.

Organic Cola
The Vegie Burger
Final Thoughts
- Very expensive (I think the meal came to around $15 for fast food)
- As someone who loves meat, I don't think any meat substitutes really work... ever. The vegetarian patty just doesn't do it for me
- I probably won't be going back ever but I can understand that the franchise could be a good option for vegetarians

Blackbird Cafe
Blackbird Cafe: awesome spot at Cockle Bay Wharf for drinks. Come at Happy Hour for great prices

Virgin Mojito
After a stroll through Darling Harbour on a hot day, I was very thirsty. What better way to satisfy that problem than to enjoy that super delicious looking virgin mojito!

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