Friday, 13 March 2015

Lil Darlin, Surry Hills

A bar with great drinks and delicious food in Surry Hills? Yes please!

Grilled Australian king prawns marinated in chilli and tossed in a light herb oil served with zingy lemon mayonnaise $16

These prawns were bursting with flavour and the sauces they marinated in completed the protein perfectly.

Arancini: fried risotto balls with Fontina cheese, tomato, herbs and fetta, served with a chipotle aioli $13

These arancini were so amazing. Little mouthfuls of pure happiness. The outside is wonderfully crisp. Thin and not heavy. The inside is a happy medley of risotto and cheese with herbs. Crispy yet melt in your mouth.

Crispy peking duck with hoisin sauce, shallots, cucumber and coriander drizzled with orange, star anise and cinnamon glaze $25

The base is a nice traditional Italian thin one and I really liked that. I found the sauce a bit too heavy on this one however it was still an enjoyable pizza.

Fresh pasta with pan seared proscuitto served with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil in a light cream reduction $24

I usually don't go for creamy pastas and typically opt for the tomato based sauces. This one was really good without feeling too heavy.

Homemade triple chocolate brownie with salfed caramel ice-cream $10

Be warned, when they said triple chocolate, they meant it. It is decadent and rich but fortunately not overpoweringly sweet. A really fantastic brownie with chocolate oozing from the inside

Topped with a couple of mojitos, fantastic food and great drinks. What more can one ask for?

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